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Native gives you access to Berlin's top immigration lawyers, lets you file online – all while saving you hundreds in fees.

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Mistake-Free Form Filing

Data from industry experts checks your application for mistakes in real time.

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Online Legal Appointments

Speak to Berlin's top legal experts from anywhere in the world, at a fraction the cost.

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Complete Privacy

Your personal data is never processed, saved on any server, or sold to advertisers.. ever.

How It Works

Go from zero to visa approved fast and affordably

Getting your visa application approved is difficult. Between complicated terminology and vague requirements, it's easy to make mistakes resulting in application denial. With Native Forms you fill out the form, we'll flag any potential issues and show you how to fix them so you can maximize your chances of becoming a German resident.

Save Time

The most common visa forms in Germany, conveniently online.

We've digitized the most popular German immigration forms from the Bürgeramt and Ausländerbehörde and included helpful tools and tips so you can apply easily.

  • No writing required
  • Multiple languages (coming soon!)
  • Fill out in minutes
Multi-Language Translations

Mistake Free

Automatically checked for mistakes while you fill it out.

Fill out your application as normal, we'll check your data for any information that might prevent your application from being approved.

  • Mistake notifications
  • Helpful tools & tips
  • Finish in minutes

Completley Private

Your application data is never saved, stored, or shared.

We know your privacy is important. Thats why unlike other tech companies, we never save, share, or send your data across any server. Read more about how we handle your data here.

  • No saving or sharing data
  • No sign-up required
  • Serverless processing
100% Money Back Guarantee

If you use Native to fill out your form and your application gets denied, we'll refund 100% of the money you've paid to us.

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Our jargon-free language and helpful tips will better help you understand how to complete your application.
Simply schedule an appointment and bring your documents with you to your appointment.
Click 'download' to generate a PDF version of your document, in the original German format.
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Easily find the right document from our list and start entering your information in minutes.
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We've translated some of the most popular immigration & legal forms, as well as included helpful tools and tips to help save you time and ensure you fill out your documents correctly.
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Speak to a Lawyer

Get affordable legal assistance without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Choose from several different appointment types to get the right help for your situation.

Transparent Pricing

No quotes. No hourly fees. No surprises.
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