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What is the "Abmeldung"?

The Abmeldung is is the process of de-registering yourself from a residential address. The Abmeldung is only necessary in the case where you are moving outside of Germany. If you plan to remain in Germany, your current address will be de-registered automatically once you register (Anmeldung) at your new address. You can deliver this document to any of the 40 Berlin citizens' offices (called the Bürgeramt). See the full list and find the one closest to you here.

You need to do the Abmeldung if:

  • You are moving outside of Germany.
  • You are giving up one of several apartments for which you are registered.
  • You give up a main or secondary residence, without moving to another apartment.

You do not need to do the Abmeldung if:

  • You are moving temporarily, but plan to return to the same address.
  • You are moving to another address in Germany.

If you meet the requirements to do your Abmeldung, it is an important process. De-registering is a necessary requirement to prove to your health insurance provider you no longer require insurance. You will also no longer be required to pay the TV Tax (Rundfunkbeitrag) once you have de-registered.

Required Documents

  • Completed Abmeldung Form
    You can deliver this form in person, as well as by post. If you cancel the apartment in writing, please send the completed form "Deregistration at the registration office" in the "Forms" area to a Berlin citizens' office (see competent authorities).

    If there are more than three people de-registering, please use separate registration forms for each person.

The Process

  • Schedule an appointment at the Bürgeramt.
    You need to get an appointment for "Abmeldung einer Wohnung" at the Bürgeramt. You can go to any Bürgeramt in your city, not just the one in your neighborhood! Find an office and book an appointment online here.
  • Gather the required documents.
    Before you go to your appointment, you must gather all the required documents which you can see here. We've also created the easiest and fastest way to fill out your Abmeldung form online, here.
  • Fill out the application form.
    Use the Native Form here to fill out your Abmeldung in seconds! Download your form and print it out with all your other documents.
  • Go to your Bürgeramt appointment.
    Go to the Bürgeramt listed on your confirmation letter on the date of your appointment with all your documents neatly organized. If you can, bring a German speaking friend. You may get lucky and have an employee who speaks your language, but this is never guaranteed.

Other Helpful Resources

Below is a list of resources that will help you better understand how to get setup with your anmeldung. We have no affiliation with any of the below resources and provide them solely as a benefit to you.


There is no fee to file this form.

Additional Downloads

Below is the originally formatted documents you will find online related to the Abmeldung and its requirements.

Fill out the Form

Fill out the form in english and your answers will be placed into the original German formatted document for you to download. Your data is completley confidential, we don't send, share or save your information.. ever.