How much does an immigration lawyer cost?

Saturday, October 3, 2020


Navigating the German visa system can be a cumbersome process – from researching, gathering and collecting your documents, to representing yourself at the many different offices.. it’s never an easy task. Naturally, hiring an expert like an immigration Lawyer can alleviate many of the stressors that come with this process.

Immigration Lawyers are the perfect support resource to assist with navigating these complex processes smoothly. But this might leave you wondering.. are they really worth the price tag? Can spending upwards of €1,000 to hire a law firm really save me significant time and effort? Below, we’ll explain why hiring an immigration lawyer is so expensive, whether or not it’s worth the cost, and some other secret tips and tricks for getting legal help, if the price is too much for your budget.

Immigrating to a new country can be a daunting process, so it’s easy to see why someone might choose to hire a professional. If you are from a non-Schengen country and looking for a long term visa or residence permit, an immigration lawyer can be the perfect resource. You’ll get to consult with an expert about anything and everything – from understanding the migration requirements, booking appointments at the right offices, to application filing. In short, you’ll get to work side-by-side with German law experts, accessing information and resources not generally available to the public. With this comes with a high price tag that can understandably be out of reach for some. This might leave you wondering.. is it possible to get quality immigration assistance, without it costing months of rent?

You’re in luck! Recently, Native ( released to the public, offering online support for Berlin’s most popular residence permits at less than a third the price of a typical law firm. With online application filing and remote consultations with Berlin’s best immigration lawyers, Native allows you to only pay for what you need, and nothing more. Native provides the same quality of service a law firm or immigration lawyer will, but faster, easier and for significantly less money.

Regardless which solution you choose for yourself, we’ve answered some common questions about immigration lawyers and firms below.

  1. What are the different types of lawyers and law firms?

When it comes to immigration law, there are three different kinds of immigration law that lawyers and firms specialize in. Depending on the reason for immigration, a law firm may provide specific information and support on one of three topics:

  • Family based immigration – This includes immigration of spouses, children and relatives of a person related to someone who already holds some kind of visa.

  • Employment based immigration – This includes both people that immigrate into a country for work, as well as companies that hire workers from abroad.

  • Humanitarian immigration – This is a specialized form of immigration, for people who come into a country out of necessity; primarily refugees of all kinds.

2) What services are provided by immigration lawyers?

Depending on the firm, an immigration law firm may offer a wide variety of services:

  • Assistance with citizenship tests
  • Paperwork filing and organization
  • In-court representation
  • Assistance in starting businesses in a foreign country
  • Advice on family migration
  • Advice on visas and application processes
  • Assistance of employers to meet the requirements for hiring foreign workers
  • Preserving a persons legal status and tracking of any changes
  • Visa appeals and denials
  • Deportation
  • Knowledge and information regarding relevant immigration laws
  • Assisting you in avoiding mistakes that can delay visa approval
  • Explain all the options available for your particular case
  • Avoid delays and match the deadlines
  • Help to legally live and work in a foreign country

It is always advisable to seek legal help in complex cases, as Germany has a wide variety of visas and residence permits, making it difficult to know which one might be right for your situation. Your legal aid will assist you in finding the easiest, best suited path for you as well as help you file your paperwork correctly in order to avoid any delays or mistakes.

The number one reason why people avoid seeking professional immigration help is the price factor.

3) What does an immigration lawyer typically cost?

The number one reason why people avoid seeking professional immigration help is the price factor. The prices for immigration lawyers may vary, but rarely is it a cheap investment. Typically, legal help comes with a high price point (especially when it comes to immigration lawyers) so each person must consider whether or not paying for assistance is worth time savings and avoided confusion. Below, we’ve broken down some typical price ranges for law firm and immigration lawyer services in Berlin.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with a lawyer may cost between €100 and €500.

Hourly Rate:

The hourly rate typically starts at €125, ranging all the way up to €500 per hour.

Case Handling:

For the simplest of cases, the total cost typically starts at about €1,500 but can go up to as much as €15,000.

Form Filing:

For filling out basic immigration forms, the typical price range is between €250 and €1,200. Employment and work visas range from €250 to €500, while an asylum application ranges between €1,000 to €3,000.

Changing Visas:

To adjust your status, expect to pay €600 at a minimum, up to €1,200.


The most expensive service an immigration lawyer typically offers is deportation defense, which will start around €2,000, up to as much as €10,000 depending on the complexity of the case.

Overall, the biggest predictors of a lawyer’s fees are the circumstances and complexity of your case, the lawyers experience, as well as the lawyer’s location and type of support services you require. It can seem unpredictable at times, making it difficult to make a final decision.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution, Native provides the same quality of service you can expect from top law firms, with a variety of options for assistance, making it the most affordable option for anyone who needs immigration support, but can’t afford a law firm. You will get the information and assistance you need to breeze through the process faster, easier and more affordably while receiving the same assistance you can expect from an immigration lawyer or firm.

All information can be found on for the easiest and most efficient way to navigate your immigration process.

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