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Native partners with to bring better service to immigrants in Germany.

June 7th, 2020, by Tom Treadway – Founder & CEO of Native

We're excited to announce that Native and Expatrio will begin working together to create the easiest, most complete immigration experience in Germany.

As German expats and immigrants ourselves, our mission at Native has always been simple – to create the easiest and most affordable possible experience when applying for a German visa. As a company, we've focused our efforts on creating the easiest possible experience when it comes to application filing, as unclear requirements and lack of understanding are often the most difficult aspect of the immigration process for expats.

Everyone who has applied for a visa in Germany knows one thing for sure - the process is complex and diverse, and application filing is only one piece of the puzzle. With the multitude of visa options available, each permit type has a specific set of requirements you must satisfy in order to apply.

Thats why, when we began conversations with Expatrio in 2019 to discuss working together, we knew it was a perfect match. Expatrio is by far the best solution in Germany for when you need a blocked bank account or a health insurance program – and both have continued to be a difficult part of the process for immigrants.

By working closely together, immigrants can now use Native and Expatrio's services together to get a more complete, holistic solution for their immigration process. Native will continue providing the legal expertise and the simplest way to apply for visas online, while Expatrio will continue to provide excellent service for blocked bank accounts and health insurance in Germany.

We're thrilled to join forces with Expatrio, and excited to begin a long-lasting partnership with one of the most trusted immigration services in Germany which we know will be of benefit to immigrants from any country around the world. We've put together a series of questions with Expatrio's Managing Director, Dominic Otto to introduce you to the new partnership:

When did you start Expatrio? How has the industry changed since you opened your doors?

We started in August 2017. Over time, we've seen a shift in the industry as it becomes increasingly digital. As the processes and requirements for immigration change rapidly, customers have begun to see more and more value in the speed and transparency Expatrio offers as a company.

How do the missions of Expatrio and Native align?

Here at Expatrio, the slogan is "Relocation made easy" – we are a relocation platform for international students and expatriates wishing to live in Germany, offering an all-inclusive service to minimize the bureaucracy students face when moving to Germany.

From day one, it's been clear that Native shares this mission to provide simple and affordable immigration services. Though the services may be different, the alignment of the missions is clear, and by working together we can continue to double-down on this mission and create a more comprehensive solution for people wanting to move to Germany.

How do Native & Expatrio plan to collaborate moving forward?

With this new partnership, both Expatrio and Native will continue to focus on our individual areas of specialized expertise, while giving our customers discounts and access to eachother's services. We'll use the strengths of both companies to demonstrate the shortest path to German immigration and truly make their relocation a simple and easy process.

What do you hope to see out of Native joining your list of corporate partners?

Our hope is that together, we can provide the best, most complete solution for immigrants to get their visa, without having to scour the internet for a myriad of different services.

Our customers will now have the resources they need to go from zero to visa approved all in one place.

As an existing Expatrio customer, what can I expect to see with the addition of Native to your partner program?

Customers of Native and Expatrio will receive exclusive discounts and opportunities to use the services. If you'd like to receive discounts on the services, join the Native waitlist to receive updates and discount codes directly to your email!

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