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We started Native in 2017 for one reason – to make the German immigration process easier for expats.

Those who have traveled, know that Germany is a country rich in culture, in history, as well as diversity. For these reasons, it makes sense that Germany is the most popular EU destination for immigrants. Since the late 1990's, immigration in Germany has been steadily rising, reaching its peak in 2017, with Germany accepting just under 1 million immigrants that year.

I myself am one of these statistics – In 2015, I moved from San Francisco California to Berlin without any knowledge of the German language or any experience immigrating to a foreign country. I had only the desire to live in another country and experience a culture different than my own.

Despite having heard from friends that the immigration process would be straightforward, my experience getting the visa approved was anything but that. After moving to Berlin and applying for my visa, I was forced to leave Berlin due to my visa application denial. It seemed that no matter how many articles I read online about "How to prepare for your visa appointment", the case worker would always tell me something different than what I had read, and would give me difficulty over the smallest of differences in my application.

Eventually, I went on to be approved, only after finding legal counsel to help me with my application, which went on to cost me hundreds of dollars in fees.

"...little did I know how complicated the immigration process would go on to be."

After reflecting on my experience, I learned quickly that the same experience of frustration and difficulty was shared by almost everyone I spoke to, them having struggled with three things consistently:

• Understanding which visa types work for them
• Understanding which documents to prepare
• Understanding how to complete applications

Given my background as a digital designer building products startups in all different industries, I wanted to build something that helped anybody who wanted the possibility to move to Germany do so without as much cost or effort.

Thus, Native was created - an online platform that gives expats in Germany a way to handle their immigration processes without requiring them to spend time parsing through long-form blog posts, scouring internet forums, or paying expensive lawyers to help them.

With Native forms we've done all that effort for you, by taking all the insider knowledge from the best lawyers and immigration experts in Berlin, and combined that into an online, easy to fill-out form.

We set out to make this a more simple, affordable process for everybody and anybody, and we intend to uphold those values.

All the best,
Tom Treadway, Founder & CEO of Native

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